Investment Philosophy

Why it Matters

Haven Global Partners believes:

  • Investing in high quality companies at attractive relative valuations has a higher probability of generating superior risk-adjusted returns
  • High quality companies typically have strong market positions, sustainable returns, healthy cash flows and strong balance sheets
  • Patient investors, with long-term investment horizons, will be best positioned to benefit from inefficiencies created by equity market volatility


Guiding Principles

Partners and employees are impassioned and perform their best on behalf of clients-partners and colleagues. Enthusiasm for their work provides teammates with a sense of purpose, stability, and joy. Loving your work is contagious and energizes everyone in the workplace.

Partners and employees take responsibility for everything in our organization, even when it is not their fault. This type of engagement helps teammates quickly acknowledge mistakes and immediately find ways to correct and learn from those mistakes.

Haven Global Partners engages in an investment and business processes that:

  • Is grounded in theory and practice
  • Rigorously tests the best available trade-offs between risk and return
  • Favors stocks with asymmetric risk profiles
  • Results in portfolios with fewer holdings and less noise
  • Produces portfolios with meaningful diversification as an outgrowth, instead of an objective, of the process
  • Is designed to provide enduring value over a range of economic and market conditions
  • Continuously assesses the risk, return, and total cost of investment management structure, subject to the fiduciary and other constraints in which investors must operate

The ride matters as much as the destination. Haven Global Partners ensures that clients-partners and colleagues know that the firm highly prizes:

  • Stewardship over salesmanship
  • Integrity over everything
  • Active management over index management
  • Clear, timely and active communication and reporting over stale jargon-filled tomes