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International Equity Management,

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Our Story

Haven Global Partners (HGP) is an SEC-registered, boutique asset management firm that specializes in investing in international equities. The investment team at HGP has worked together since 2014 and in the global markets for more than three decades. The genesis of Haven Global Partners was driven by the team’s desire to collectively employ their knowledge and experience in the pursuit of two goals...



With international investing, some clients prefer to include Emerging Markets and others want to stick to Developed Markets. While we employ the same Philosophy and Process, we offer both. View our most recent Factsheets to learn more about our strategies and relevant disclosures.   



At HGP, we take a measured approach to ESG investing. We have always considered various ESG factors as part of our fundamental analysis in evaluating elements such as sustainability of earnings and cash flows, quality of management teams, and legal or regulatory risks. When it comes to more specific ESG solutions, we believe each client is in the best position to determine what is right for them and we have the ability to implement customized guidelines within our process.

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