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International Equity Management, Local Market Insight

Our Story

Haven Global Partners (HGP) is an SEC-registered, boutique asset management firm that specializes in investing in international equities. The investment team at HGP has worked together since 2014 and in the global markets for more than three decades. The genesis of HGP was driven by the team’s desire to collectively employ their knowledge and experience in the pursuit of two goals...


Our portfolio managers develop Investment Insights features and a quarterly Market Outlook which provide a view into our thoughts on global markets. View our most recent Insights below, visit our Insights page to view more Insights, or subscribe to receive new Insights to your email.  

Investment Insights

Market Breadth in International Equities
Investment Insights: July 2023

There has been much focus on the recent weak market breadth in US equities driven primarily by mega-caps stocks. There are several ways to calculate market breadth, but the objective is the same and that is to understand whether there is broad participation in the underlying index movement. If an index is rising and most of the underlying stocks are also up, then this indicates a broad healthy market condition...

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