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With decades of experience investing in global equity markets, our portfolio managers develop quarterly Market Outlook and Investment Insights features to provide insight into our thoughts and views and to help our clients navigate the global equity markets.  Read our Insights below, or Subscribe to have new Insights delivered to your Email.



The Return of Volatility
 Market Outlook: 4Q 2021 
A Stock Picker's Market
 Market Outlook: 3Q 2021 
As Good as It Can Get?
 Market Outlook: 2Q 2021 
What a Difference a Year Makes!
 Market Outlook: 1Q 2021 

Investment                       Insights

Taking Pulse of the Buffett Indicator
Investment Insights: October 2021
Is Inflation Transitory?
 Investment Insights: July 2021 
A Year of Two Halves
 Investment Insights: April 2021 
2020: A Year of Haves and Have Nots
 Investment Insights: January 2021 

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