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With decades of experience investing in global equity markets, our portfolio managers develop quarterly Market Outlook and Investment Insights features to provide insight into our thoughts and views and to help our clients navigate the global equity markets.  Read our Insights below, or subscribe to have new Insights delivered to your email.

Market Outlook

Volatility Rears its Head... Again!
Market Outlook: 1Q 2023





In order to try and make any sense of what is going on in the world's financial markets it is essential to have a sense of history, both long-term and recent. Investors have had a particularly difficult time lately trying to figure out which way to go. The global economy is complicated and difficult to decipher...

Picking Fights with the Fed
Market Outlook: 3Q 2022





The famous phrase "Don't fight the Fed" was first coined in the 1970's. Essentially, it was meant to warn investors to keep their portfolios on the good side of the US central bank. Well, market participants seem more willing today than they have been in recent memory to test the mettle of the Fed...

Tug of War
Market Outlook: 2Q 2022
Stock Picking is Back!
Market Outlook: 1Q 2022
The Return of Volatility
Market Outlook: 4Q 2021
A Stock Picker's Market
Market Outlook: 3Q 2021
As Good as It Can Get?
Market Outlook: 2Q 2021

Investment Insights

Market Breadth in International Equities
Investment Insights:
July 2023


There has been much focus on the recent weak market breadth in US equities driven primarily by mega-caps stocks. There are several ways to calculate market breadth, but the objective is the same and that is to understand whether there is broad participation in the underlying index movement. If an index is rising and most of the underlying stocks are also up, then this indicates a broad healthy market condition...

Have Buybacks Peaked?
Investment Insights: January 2022
Can Emerging Mkts Make a Comeback?
Investment Insights: January 2022
Taking Pulse of the Buffett Indicator
Investment Insights: October 2021
Is Inflation Transitory?
Investment Insights: July 2021
A Year of Two Halves
Investment Insights: April 2021

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