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Investment Edge

What Makes Us Different

Historically, top-performing managers gained an edge by having access to unique information and knowledge that allowed them to make decisions and achieve strong returns before competitors. Today, the playing field has been leveled in terms of information, with most managers inundated by data from a wide range of sources. How do managers gain an edge now, with so much information widely available?

Haven Global Partners invites investors to return to the basics when evaluating the firm. The core temperaments and work ethic of the principals, the ethos of the organization, and the practices implemented by the team provide Haven Global Partners with our edge. 

Investment Experience

Portfolio managers have invested through multiple market cycles, acquiring valuable insight and temperament


Philosophy & Process are grounded in theory and time-tested practice. We don't change the core of what we believe or do

Strategic thinking

Disciplined combination of quantitative and fundamental stock analysis

Investment Focus

Specializes in a high-conviction stock picking approach with clear investment thesis and fewer holdings

Patience and Fortitude

Will wait for thesis to be realized. Tailored to longer-term investment thesis, lower portfolio beta and lower turnover

Planned Exit

Provides a foundation for rigorous selling and reassessment disciplines when thesis is realized or no longer holds


Eschews the herd

Learn from Mistakes

Reviews trades to gain insights to enhance future performance

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