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Our Story

Who We Are

Haven Global Partners (HGP) is an SEC-registered, boutique asset management firm that specializes in investing in international equities. The investment team at HGP has worked together since 2014 and invested in the global markets for more than three decades. The genesis of Haven Global Partners was driven by the team’s desire to collectively employ our knowledge and experience in the pursuit of two goals: producing superior risk-adjusted returns and building a go-to firm for international equity investing.

Like the international stocks in which the team invests, the HGP team hails from different corners of the world. Anuja Singha, Ph.D., CFA, CIO, and Portfolio Manager, was born and raised in Nepal and has lived in Atlanta for more than 30 years. She considers herself a citizen of the world, with family and friends scattered around the globe. Anuja entered the international investing world in 1998. Ken Holley, CFA, CEO, and Portfolio Manager, grew up in Baltimore and his passion for international investing catapulted him from the United States to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, where he managed investments for the African Development Bank in 1989.


What We Value

Haven Global Partners (HGP) was founded on ethos that the team formulated from decades of experience working in both very large and small investment firms. These principles are at our core and drive how we build and manage the business as we pursue the goal of building a go-to firm for international equity investing:


Being employee-owned and not affiliated with any larger institution allows HGP to build and run the business our way. It helps us avoid conflicts of interest and to keep our clients' best interest always as top priority. As owners, we will do well, only when our clients do well.


Differences in geographic origins, race and ethnicity, and professional experiences catalyze our research, investments, and firm management by bringing and embracing diversity of thought and healthy debate in our decision-making. This leads to more intentional, yet measured decisions.


Outsourcing non-core functions allows HGP to leverage the expertise, technology, and scale of our partners. Our focus is on providing superior risk-adjusted returns and unparalleled service to our clients, rather than building and managing operations teams.


Partners and employees are impassioned and perform their best on behalf of clients and colleagues. Enthusiasm for their work provides teammates with a contagious sense of purpose and pride in all we do.


As stewards of our clients' assets, we value integrity over everything. We place client interests first and commit to transparency with clear and timely communication about the firm and the investment portfolios.


Partners and employees maintain an esprit de corps that inspires enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group and clients served by the firm. 

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